Q: Are you taking new patients?

A: All of our physicians are currently accepting new patients into the practice and they would be delighted to have you as a patient. We have two offices to choose from, one in Alpharetta and a second office in Sandy Springs. Take a moment now and call us to make an appointment for your initial visit. Call us at 770-777-4933 in Alpharetta or 404-303-1167 in Sandy Springs.

Q: Can I get a same-day appointment?

A: Yes. Same-day appointments are often available if you call us in the morning. Remember though, that for a same-day appointment you may be asked to come to an office that may not be close to your home. This is because the opening for a same-day appointment may not be at your usual office. Remember check-in time is 30 minutes before your actual appointment time so please plan accordingly if you are coming to a different office. To request a same day appointment, call us at 770-777-4933 in Alpharetta or 404-303-1167 in Sandy Springs.

Q: Where do I call for after hours emergencies?

A: If you are an established patient, please call us at 770-777-4933 and the answering service operator will page the physician on call for emergencies. A couple of things to remember: This is for emergency calls only. Prescriptions are refilled during business hours only. General medical advice should be taken care of during routine office hours or use the messages feature provided on the portal.

Additionally, please make sure any “call block” features are removed, as in some emergency cases a doctor may need to call you back. If you have “Privacy Directory,” you will have to provide an alternative number because this feature (that you pay extra for) cannot be turned off.

Q: Do you accept my insurance plan?

A: Yes we accept most insurance plans and take care of the paperwork for you.  If you have any questions about you coverage please call your insurance company. Or call one of our offices and we will help you determine if you will be covered.

Q: Why do I have to bring proof of insurance to each visit?

A: Insurance companies have very specific rules and see each visit as a separate claim. We are often required to provide a copy of your current card each time we submit paperwork to your insurance company. This is done to prove that your insurance is still active and to ensure that your claim is paid. If you have any additional questions regarding your insurance please call us at 770-777-4933.

Q: When do I call the office if I think I’m in labor?

A: Good question. Unless you have been instructed otherwise, only call the office when:

  • You have hard contractions every five minutes for at least one hour
  • You think you may have broken your bag of water
  • Fetal movement has decreased significantly
  • Vaginal bleeding that is more than a little spotting

Q: Can I get a 3-D sonogram upon request?

A: No. At Alliance Ob/Gyn three-dimensional sonograms are provided to our patients several times during a pregnancy. However, they are for clinical use only to monitor the health and growth of your fetus, not for entertainment purposes and they are not performed upon request. Additional sonograms or ones provided by private companies are not endorsed or recommended by this office, the American College of Ob/Gyn, or the American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine.

Q: I think I’m pregnant, when do I come in for my first prenatal appointment?

A: Good question. Generally we recommend coming in two weeks after you missed your last period or two weeks after your first positive home pregnancy test. If you have a history or risk factors for a tubal pregnancy, you should be seen immediately. If you have other medical complications please call the office.

Q: Can I travel while I am pregnant?

A: Yes. If your pregnancy is uncomplicated, traveling is generally safe until the 34-36 week range depending on where and for how long you will be traveling. However be aware that cruise ships often limit travel after the 24th week. Also please be sure to tell us before you go on any trips in case there are any problems.

Q: Can I see my dentist while I’m pregnant?

A: Yes. In fact getting good dental care is very important when you are pregnant. Periodontal disease is a risk factor for preterm labor. Note: Dental X-rays using abdominal shielding are safe after the first trimester, as are the commonly used local anesthetics.

Q: Can I get a prenatal massage?

A: Yes. In fact we often recommend professional massages to out patients. Prenatal massages are safe and enjoyable in pregnancy when given by a qualified massage therapist. However, make sure you that during the massage you do not lie flat on your abdomen or back.

Q: How long do I have to wait to have intercourse after pregnancy?

A: Please wait until you are given clearance to have intercourse at your six-week post-partum visit.

Q: Can I eat the day I have my one-hour glucose screen?

A: Absolutely. The 28-week glucose screening testing is simply a screening test and doesn’t have any special dietary restrictions. However, you are much more likely to pass the test if you avoid a high-carbohydrate meal prior to the test.

Q: What do I do if I miss a birth control pill?

A: If you miss one birth-control pill you should take two pills the following day. However, if you miss more than one pill or miss a pill on two separate occasions the effectiveness of the pill drops dramatically and you should use another form of contraceptive. Do not try to “catch up” on the pills, simply continue the daily regime.

Q: Why is the first cycle after delivery so heavy?

A: It is very common for your first cycle after pregnancy to be heavy. The lining of the uterus is shed during your cycle and this is often very thick and may cause clotting. However, if you are ever soaking a pad an hour for more than 6 hours, then you should seek medical attention.

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